The newly built or renovated with solar control glass used in residential and commercial buildings.
Which should be used in Insulating Glass which region?

According to the climatic conditions in your area by selecting your Isıcam’ı can provide the most accurate and efficient insulation.


harita ısıcam


Insulating Glass Systems S Series mass-produced with high quality thermal control coating Şişecam Low-E Glass. ”


  • Compared to ordinary double glazing reduces heat loss by 50% and reduce fuel costs.
  • Heat from the sun without sacrificing light transmission while ensuring you get the maximum level.
  • It prevents the front window of the winter cold and fog delays compared to ordinary double glazing.
  • you’ll spend for S Isıcam compared to ordinary double glazing, winter returns with 1-2 years you will provide fuel savings.


Insulating Glass Systems S Series, produced by high quality thermal control coating Şişecam Low-E glasses. Maximum heat reduces your fuel costs by providing insulation.

Insulating Glass Systems, produced by Sisecam Flat Glass audited regularly by the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Authority.

Isıcam brand in production;

  • Window and door proper quality and amount of materials are used,
  • constantly under appropriate conditions of production and assurance that is carried out by using modern technologies.

Insulating Glass Systems, it Insulating Glass for 10 years against manufacturing defects originating from the authorized manufacturer is guaranteed.

Personalize Your Isıcam’ı with Additional Features

Insulating Glass SL: Temperature-controlling Şişecam Low-E glass with safety and security providing Şişecam Laminate produced using glass insulating glass unit additionally prevents injuries which may occur by preventing the dispersion breaking the glass savings provided to fuel costs.

Insulating Glass S AL: Temperature-controlling Şişecam Low-E providing noise control for Glass Şişecam acoustic laminate produced using glass insulating glass unit, in addition to sound insulation savings provided to fuel costs, which lowers the noise transition by providing Şişecam laminated glass also has a safety and security feature .

Insulating Glass ST: Şişecam tempered safety glass that can be Low-E (heat control coated glasses) as emulsifier. Because small and blunt pieces when broken left reduces the risk of injuries is suitable for use as safety glass. Maximum temperature control feature allows the fuel savings.

Insulating Glass + S 3: is a triple insulating glass units for maximum isolation. It provides four times by ordinary thermal insulation double-glazing.

Isıcam SR: Heat control which Sisecam Low-E glass with providing solar control feature Sisecam Color produced using flat glass insulating glass unit, in addition to the savings it provides to its fuel costs are limiting solar heat input into the building, the sun controls the excessive brightness and air conditioning in environments that use cooling energy consumption, thus It reduces cooling costs.

Isıcam S RF: Heat control which Sisecam Low-E reflective glass Glass with providing solar control feature Sisecam Tentesol and produced using Sisecam Tentesol Titanium insulating glass unit, in addition to the savings it provides to its fuel costs are limiting solar heat input into the building, supervises the sun’s extreme brightness and air conditioning used the atmosphere in cooling energy consumption thereby reducing cooling costs. Reflecting feature when viewed from the direction in which the light is strong because it creates a mirror effect. Glass façade provides a visual integrity in commercial buildings

Product description

Rules Standard TS 825 Thermal insulation for buildings in the new recommended Up = 2.4 W / m² K value (glass windows + chopping, heat transmission coefficient), and can be reached with Insulating Glass Insulating Glass S K.

Insulating Glass Insulating Glass is located in the S and the inner surface of the outer glass coating K.

The dual-pane windows that are appropriate National / International Standards

TS EN 1279 3539 Glass – Used in Buildings – Based Insulating Glass Units

the used raw materials that are appropriate National / International Standards


  • Float EN 572/2
  • glass in market supply and final cut sizes EN 572/8
  • Frosted EN 572/5
  • Tempered EN 1215
  • Partial tempered EN 1863
  • Lamine EN ISO1254
  • Coated EN 1096
  • Heat bathroom tempered glass EN 14179

Other Raw Materials

  • In the insulating glass production; By Insulating Glass Flat Glass butyl şişecam prepared in the Approved List of Materials, polysulfide (Thiokol), silicone, polyurethane, dehumidifiers and gap bar (profile) is used. the sealing material used if the sealing material provided Isıcam replaced with another brand located in the Approved List of Materials, 3539 TS EN1279-4 standard conditions must be fulfilled substituents mentioned in item 4.2.2.

Isıcam Quality

Optical-pane windows and Appearance Quality

  • Point Defects pane windows of the optical and visual quality EN 1279 / it is defined in claim 1. Accordingly, the optical and visual quality of the glass forming glass packets in the corresponding standard applies
    Single cases of appearance and quality of the plates, insulating glass units may be allowed at that level for the maximum error does not exceed the limit, no additional requirements have to be searched relevant in this regard. However, a higher level of acceptance, in the customer and in the quality of agreement between the insulating glass unit manufacturer alabilir.ısıcam natural structure and / or physical property information for the optical and visual quality caused by EN 1279/1 is given in Appendix C. .Isıcam point defects in the TS EN 572/8 placing on the market and accept the last segment level applied to glass in size acceptance level for point defects in the final cut size of float glass used in geçerlidir.ısıcam:
  • Produced by Sisecam Flat Glass and / or sales of Solar Low-E, Low-E, in-line produced by solar control coated glass coating in the insulating glass unit, the TS tolerances in EN 1096 Coated glass is standard applies.
  • Linear (drawing and erasure) Defects
    pane windows of the optical and visual quality EN 1279 / it is defined in claim 1. Accordingly pane windows forming optic in the corresponding standard glass and appearance quality appearance and quality status of geçerlidir.tek plates, insulating glass can be permitted in the unit is at a level that exceeds the maximum error limit is no need to search additional requirements relevant in this regard. However, a higher level of acceptance, can take place in the quality agreement between the customer and the manufacturer of insulating glass units.
    Pane windows in the native structure and / or detailed information on the optical and visual quality caused by physical properties are given in Appendix C EN 1279/1.
    EN 572/8 glasses in market supply and final segment size does not allow any linear defect as mentioned in the standard.
    EN 572/8 and the last segment of the market to supply the standard size glass in the determination of both surface defect observation point on the observation from a distance of 2 m Isıcam standards Although given shall be taken as 1 m. EN 1096 and EN 572/8 hence defects in said pharmaceutically acceptable error, as determined by observation from 1 m.
  • Other defects are
    known as disclosed, the separating material between the plate glasses (lusitana powder, paper etc.) prevents friction with each of the glass maintains the glass surface against humidity and temperature changes. As a powder or paper characteristics interposed between the glass, the composition will not damage the chemical structure is not used any dust or paper. Chemical structure as the grain size of the powder used is very important. Therefore, to be interposed between the paper and the glass powder are controlled by specially selected and used.
    Of the glass plates to be formed by the friction of the worn point, condensation of moisture in the air or the chemical structure of glass by wetting failure occurs due to a breakdown of corrosion. Corrosion failure is seen as white spots in the glass at an advanced stage. In the initial stage it can not be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, next time when the distance on the glass by the method of keeping the steam must be checked for corrosion starts. In insulating glass units are not allowed to corrosion failure. Therefore, attention must be paid to storage and transport of the glass package. When the glass packages winter packages enterprises in particular temperature, ambient temperature should not be processed until the package is opened.
    The glass plate facing the intermediate space dust, washing pastes, fingerprint, etc. There must be no.

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