Frosted Glass 4 mm


Sisecam Frosted Glass, residential and commercial building is suitable for all decorative surfaces.

and bright windows where privacy is desired and is recommended for use in doors.

Major Uses:

  • Windows
  • Furniture and cabinet doors
  • Interior Doors
  • Shower cabin
  • Coffee Tables
  • Interspaces
  • Shelving

Şişecam frosted glass, flat glass face Şişecam patterned decorative glass.

  • Glass is one of the most natural ingredients in home and office design, carries the glittering touch to the places you live in the sun.
  • The frosted glass produced for aesthetic interior design, reveals the elegance of the living areas.
  • New ideas and provide creative design to life.
  • In particular it difficult to get natural light and space and gives a feeling of spaciousness with light and transparent textures.
  • Designers and architects offers innovative solutions for interior and exterior design.
  • The bright and privacy and will allow experienced simultaneously.
  • Each pattern, design or appropriate offers different levels of image control you need in the projects.
  • subjected to security and safety glass lamination process wherein wins.
  • used as a tempered in places that require safety.
  • applying a mirror to the patterned surface experience different optical properties. Şişecam frosted glass, Şişecam flat glass of a face pattern patterned one of the decorative camıdı I melt path pass between two metal rollers üretilir.şişeca production of sheet glass, Turkey is the first and only frosted glass manufacturer.

Frosted glass production, molten glass in the furnace reaches the appropriate temperature and viscosity values ​​after passing through the two metal rollers eluting out of the oven, which is based on the gain during the desired thickness and pattern.

One patterned smoked glass produced by the way of flowing the molten glass between two rollers, decorative purposes as well as low-iron raw materials produced as solar glass solar energy systems (solar panels and solar collectors) provides input in the sector.

determine the depth and texture of the pattern of light and visual permeability frosted glass.

Secondary treatment-free, completely natural and environmentally friendly raw materials and production techniques with frosted glass:

  • edge processing
  • lamination
  • Tempering
  • Camber
  • double glazing

Suitable for the process.

the patterned frosted glass lamination surface must face outwards.

Safety should be used in places that require tempering.

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