akustik lamine cam ebatları

Usage areas

Acoustic sound insulation of laminated glass is required in the following places are preferred.

  • Vehicle traffic, aircraft, train noise and the main street, on the edge of the highway, everywhere is intense noise of cars and horn,
  • High-music event where the media, in concert,
  • Meeting rooms,
  • in translation booths,
  • Office division,
  • Factories,
  • Airports in the building

Acoustic laminated glass can be used.


Sisecam Acoustic laminated glass, Sisecam Flat Glass is the noise control glass.

  • Outside noise level is reduced to normal levels in a quiet environment, quality of life of individuals is increased.
  • Noise contributes to the reduction of harmful effects on human health.
  • As a result of shock to the people of the glass reduces the risk of injury in an accident that occurred minimum.
  • It provides security against shocks from outside. Made of stone and stick with tools such as assault and theft in the initiative include the entries prevent / delay.
  • of goods and cause discoloration of the fabric with ultraviolet (UV) radiation reduces the permeability of the rate of 97-99%.
  • safety in using the insulating glass unit, as well as safety and thermal insulation noise control is also provided.
  • Low-E coated acoustic laminated glass with efficient temperature control is provided.


Sisecam Acoustic laminated glass, Sisecam Flat Glass is the noise control glass. Noise level was specifically developed to provide effective sound insulation in the high setting. At the same time Sisecam laminated glass product also has a security feature.

Product Description

Şişecam Acoustic laminated glass, two or more of the special acoustic polyvinyl butyral glass plate providing sound insulation (PVB) with the aid of the layers is produced by fusing under heat and pressure. Through acoustic PVB laminated glass absorbs sound vibrations in the structure, thus providing less noise transmission to the other party.

A structure for an effective sound insulation walls, spacer elements, such as roof windows and similar measures must be taken.
For example Combination sound insulation values are


approximately between Sisecam Sisecam acoustic laminated glass and laminated glass 3dB, and Sisecam Sisecam Flat Glass Colorless there is a difference between acoustic laminated glass is 5 dB. Acoustic isolation = 10dB noise reduction corresponds to 50%.
Correction Factors
C, Ctr Spectrum adaptation values, evaluates the suitability of the construction parts related to exposure to certain sounds.

C and Ctr spectrum adaptation values ​​called the correction factors, the component reduces the size Rw sound insulation due to noise occurring by the FR table.

Rw (C, Ctr) = 40 (-1, -5) one component has a value of 40 dB has insulation performance. Sound insulation for higher-frequency noise sources 1 dB is less than 5 dB for low-frequency sources.

For example Noise Sources Noise Levels


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