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Float mirror is preferable in the following areas;

  • Bathrooms
  • In the bedrooms,
  • In kitchens,
  • In stores,
  • sports and exhibition halls,
  • In kindergartens,
  • Indoors it used to add depth and dimension.

Locations of larger, spacious, deep, is suitable for use in areas where high and bright intended to be shown.


Float is the trademark of Sisecam Flat Glass mirror.

  • The interior space is illuminated by reflecting sunlight and artificial light.
  • The aesthetic and refreshment areas where applied.
  • Narrow, distorted and adds new dimensions to the dimly lit places.


Float, is the trademark of Sisecam Flat Glass mirror.

Illuminating the space with reflective properties, it is a decorative material for enriching expanding enlarge.
Float ‘s colorless, green, gray, bronze and blue color options are available.


Float glass is produced in şişecam flat glass is converted to Flotal using the most advanced technology.

Float glass, mirrors in the fully automatic production line results washing, polishing, silver plating, becomes twice Flotal painting and drying process by passing through a copper coating.


On the float;
Deburring (lapping tape)
edge processing operations, such as can be made.

After each of these processes must be removed entirely out mirror Flotal washing and washing water.

Lapping operations and facet mirror (glass) of the edge is trimmed with diamond grinding wheels.

During this trimming, the mirror coating consists of microcracks in copper and silver layer.

Suitable stones in cases where the number of revolutions of the motor that is connected and moved to the low use is growing in the cracks.

D = 65 diamond grain size of the stones should not be too thick. engine speed of these wheels at least 2500 rev / min. should be.

When a new stone fitted in the first ½ – 1 hour is suitable for use in the protection of stone only mirror glass break-coating.

Processing blocks, the coolant was added (coolant) is cooled using water.

MINIMUM This mechanical stress applied to the mirror edge and the cooling solution is lowered to give an even wear.

Greater mechanical stress, damage to the coating layer and consequently water and glass powder with the glass coating between the entering edge glass particles during shaving cause of olur.ayn edge the onset of corrosion (dust) is caused to rise above 10 the pH of the process water.

some of the cooling water of high pH value, the cause of corrosion attack on the edge of the mirror.

Suitable cooling agents with the pH increase is prevented, keeping the pH below 9, eluting immediately after the processing, cooling waters and glass powder (particles) to be removed from drying on the mirror is required.

The cooling agent used in the process are sulfate ions in water was added.

a variety of bacteria in these waters occurs during use. These bacteria reducing sulphate ions to form hydrogen sulfide gas over time. The hydrogen sulfide gas causes a darkening of the silver layer. suitable bactericides cooling water (biocides) is prevented by the addition thereof. Regular use of biocides bacteria shock should be administered in high doses can provide immunity on the case of very high presence of bacteria.

During lapping and beveling operations during the process of removing the resulting glass powder it can be precipitated.

Suitable precipitant for this purpose (flocking) and cyclones (flush through) system is used.

Precipitant to be used should not be too acidic and contain chloride.

It should also be the effect of the chemical coolant used in the precipitator.

After the lapping or mirror beveling process has to be washed before drying the solution on the mirror.

Thus, the mirror, the solutions used in the processing of not influenced also avoids corrosive.

It will enter the microcracks formed during the machining edges during use of the mirror and the mirror to impair the purpose of preventing liquid and vapor

Megerl A – Germany company that a transparent paint production, this material is used in Germany, in particular bathrooms made Hilton type mirror application, the edges on the sink of dye are commonly seen to prevent decomposition by a sponge in the finished mirror edges colorless and transparent of placing a thin strip reported that yield effective results.

Temperlene does not float and is not laminated.


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